I grew up surrounded by all things mechanical on a sesquicentennial family farm. At a young age, I was influenced by my father, who reminisced of racing days past. As I got older, my dad and I completed many projects together and I was able to have my first hot rod on the road at age sixteen. Pushed by my parents after high school, I attended Western Illinois University and enrolled in their Agriculture Mechanics classes. I graduated from WIU with a degree in Ag Mechanization and a minor in Manufacturing Engineering. Two months after graduating from college, I choose to follow my heart and attend Wyotech in Laramie, Wyoming, and completed training in auto body/collision repair, street rod fabrication, custom paint and chassis fabrication programs. This is what spring-boarded what you see today and I haven’t looked back since. I spent some time in a muscle car shop in the Joliet, IL area doing patch panel, bodywork and final assembly for a stint and then spent a couple years at a traditional hot rod shop in the Chicago, IL suburbs. I then spent five years teaching welding and fabrication to high school juniors and seniors at a vocational trade school in Sandwich, IL. Throughout all these careers I’ve been farming along side my father with every spare moment between day job and farming spent in my shop. For more than a decade I've been acquiring metalworking equipment and have become a complete student of the trades.  Presently,  my days are spent in Waterman, IL with my beautiful wife and daughters, continuing the daily family farming activities and spending every rain day and spare moment I can in the shop.